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Wild Style? What Style Now?

Shopkins Season 9 brings many exciting new elements to the Shopkins world, the core of it all being the theme of “Wild Style”, expressed through a series of Tribes representing different personalities and passions. Each tribe is led by a Shoppie and Shoppet, bearing a style and unique quirks of their own.

The Glamour Gems Tribe, for example, are all about fashion, flair, makeup and hair. The Glazed Fruits Tribe are fronted by Pippa Melon and Melonie Hops; they’ve the freshest look in town. And of course, the elusive Shimmery Unicorn Tribe are all about making dreams come true—should you be lucky enough to find them!

With 11 adorable tribes to choose from, they’ll definitely bring out your inner Wild Style, through tales of adventure, creativity and wonderment.

What’s your Wild Style?

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