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Shopkins Café

Shopkins Frenzy: First-ever Shopkins Pop-up café reservations scooped up in one minute! 

Moose Toys, the global toy company behind the hit Shopkins™ collectible, is giving fans an exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience by opening a limited-time Shopkins Café.

Reservations for the pop-up café experience, opening in New York City from June 17-19, went live at and completely booked up in one minute.

Shopkins lovers eagerly waited for the reservations to go live. Fans scooped up hundreds of spots immediately. The highly-anticipated pop-up experience currently has over 3,000 families on the waiting list.

“Shopkins is as hot as ever! We were absolutely floored by the incredible response to the first Shopkins Café. What a fantastic way for our fans to experience their favourite collectible” said Paul Solomon, Co-CEO of Moose Toys. “This truly speaks volumes to the strength of the brand. As we expand more and more into entertainment, licensing and new categories, Shopkins continues to exceed our expectations.”

The Shopkins Café lets kids step into the world of Shopkins to celebrate the launch of Shopkins Season 8: World Vacation. The first wave of Shopkins: World Vacation tours Europe. It will introduce new Shopkins and Shoppies inspired by France, Italy, Germany, the U.K. and more.

Opening its doors in New York City, the café is completely free to attend for lucky fans with a coveted reservation. The Shopkins Café is Parisian-themed, inspired by one of the newest playsets in Season 8, the Oh La La Macaron Café. Inside the café, fans will be greeted with amazing Shopkins photo opportunities, a dazzling manicure station. There will be close-up looks at Season 8 and opportunities to play with the new product. Guests can also enjoy the adorable and tasty Shopkins Macarons.

While all reservations are currently full, guests can still join the waitlist at in case spots open.

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