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Shopkins Are Tiny, Adorable and So Much Fun… but Wait, What Are They?

Hi SPKFANS! Jessicake here, reporting on all things Shopkins.

As you know, Shopkins has millions of fans all over the world, from New York to Tokyo, London to Sydney and beyond…but do you know the Shopkins story? Well, let me bring on the deets!

Found in Shopville, Shopkins are tiny, collectable toys. Originally based off of grocery store items alone, Shopkins now draws inspiration from all sorts of fabulous themes. With their cute faces, bold colors and catchy names (let’s hear it for Kookie Cookie, Chester Cheesecake & Candice Candle!), starting your own collection has never been more exciting!

Let’s not forget about those extra spesh rarities (such as Rare, Ultra Rare, Limited Edition, and Special Edition) that add another layer of fun for all collectors. Trust me when I say that there’s nothing like the thrill of finding a Special Edition Shopkin in your Shopkins pack… hey Shimmery Unicorns!!

As with all collectibles, starting your very own Shopkins collection is only half the fun. Keep track of your Shopkins by ticking them off the the collectors’ guide, swap Shopkins with your friends and expand your collection!

Are you ready to explore Shopville? Because once you shop, you just can’t stop!

Click here to download the activity sheets.

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