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Introducing our first ever Boy Shoppie!

Gasp!!! Guess who has arrived in Shopville!! Please welcome our first ever Boy Shoppie Chip Choc!! There simply are not enough exclamation points for this news!!!!

Shoppie Boy Chip Choc and Peppa-Mint

Chip Choc’s appearance in Shopville was unveiled recently with a few gorgeous images of him and his stylish yet shy cousin, Peppa-Mint. Though we’re yet to formally meet Chip yet we hear he’s a laid back kinda guy who loves skateboarding and messing around with gadgets. Like all our Shoppies he has a really unique and fun style that can’t be missed. From his hi-tops sneakers to his impressive hair, to his incredible glasses and his smart watch this is a Shoppie who isn’t afraid to be himself – just the way we like him.

Shoppie Chip Choc Peppa-Mint

Chip Choc will debut at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, the biggest pop culture event of its kind, alongside his cousin Peppa-Mint. This duo clearly shares the same ice cream background and might just be the coolest duo since cookies ‘n’ cream. We can’t wait to see learn more about Chip and see what adventures he gets up to in Shopville with Peppa and all our other resident Shopkins and Shoppies. One thing’s for sure this is going to be chill-ing!

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