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Can you keep a secret?

Shhhhhhhh! It’s a secret! A Shopkins Lil’ Secret! Let’s keep this just between us…and ALL our friends! A whole new, secret, tiny hidden world has been uncovered and it’s finally time to start exploring Shopkins Lil’ Secrets! Join the Shoppies on their BIGGEST, little adventure yet to discover all the secrets of the magical lockets and journey to unlock a miniature world of surprises.

Explore the Secret Locket with your Teeny Shoppie inside! From Spaghetti Sue to Tiara Sparkles to Summer Peaches there’s 9 different lockets to collect. Don’t forget your Tiny Shopkin too – which will you find? These sweet lockets also come with a necklace string so you can wear it wherever you go!

Shopkins Lil Secrets

You’ll need to use your secret map to help crack the code and open your Mini Playset! Inside each lock you’ll find surprises galore and secret nooks to play and explore with your Teeny Shoppie and Tiny Shopkin. There’s 9 playsets to choose from and each is themed to match the Teeny Shoppie’s favorite things – just check out Jessicake’s Great Bakes Cupcakes Shop! You also need to look out for the “Special Finish” secret locks – will you find one?

Shopkins Lil Secrets

It wouldn’t be a truly special Lil’ Secret world without the Shoppies! There’s 8 Shoppies to discover and they each come with their own Teeny Shoppie and necklace, gasp!

Shopkins Shoppie Doll Tia TigerlillyShopkins Shoppie Doll Sia Shells

Plus, you’ll have to check out Rainbow Kate’s Bedroom Hideaway playset. This 2 in 1 playset opens up to reveal a tiny bedroom of secrets to play in! Hidden away is a Deluxe Secret Bedroom for your Teeny Rainbow Kate Shoppie to play in! Flip down the hidden desk behind Rainbow Kate’s closet or discover the hidden movie theater inside Rainbow Kate’s pillow. This playset comes with Rainbow Kate Shoppie Doll, Teeny Rainbow Kate Shoppie and one Tiny Shopkin – Sleep Mask. Rainbow Kate’s Bedroom Hideaway is a place of slumber that’s filled with tiny wonders!

Shopkins Lil Secrets









So….can you keep the secret?

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